Features of the LockLatch 

The LockLatch range is a truly versatile set of security devices with a wide range of applications in the home, office and even your RV. At its core LockLatch is intended to add an extra layer of security to any type of window or door, but because the three distinct devices that make up the range vary in size, they are individually suited to more specialized functions. From leaving your windows open, but securely locked, to providing access for your pet to come and go as they please, the LockLatch range could be the security device you’re looking for. Let’s take a deeper look at some of its features and find out.


Perfect for Safe Ventilation, small Pets Access, as a Window Restrictor and Caravan, Motorhome and Boat Security.
LockLatch™ adjusts between 3.6” to 6.7” [9cms to 17cms]


The perfect Pet Door alternative for small to medium sized dogs.
PetLatch™ adjusts between 5.7” to 9” [14.5cms to 23cms]


Let fresh air in, keep opportunistic intruders out. Also good for keeping unwanted critters and animal pests out and indoor cats in.
MiniLatch™ adjusts between 1.8” and 3.1” [4.5 - 8 cms]

What makes LockLatch so unique?

The unique benefits of the LockLatch range of devices are intrinsically linked to the design of the device itself. This patented design is remarkable for its simplicity and the versatility this bestows upon it. This simple design allows it to be fitted onto any type of window or door regardless of the style or design, and this isn’t just limited to the home. LockLatch works just as well on your RV or boat with the unique ability to both lock the opening, but also allow a gap for airflow when you need ventilation. Each of the three pieces that make up the device are constructed from C304 stainless steel to ensure that the device can stand up to the rigors of everyday life and everything the elements can throw at it. We are so confident in the durability of the device that each one comes with lifetime guarantee.

Keep Windows Open Securely

As we mentioned in the preceding paragraph the primary point of difference between the LockLatch and other security devices is the ability to keep your doors and windows locked, but also slightly ajar. This combination of added security and the ability to have open windows or doors extends the usefulness far beyond just another layer of security. This makes it the perfect device for airing out your living space and preventing the build up of mould and other allergens that collect indoors during the winter months, without creating a security risk by leaving your window or door open. The range can also function as a window restrictor for child safety, or to keep indoor pets inside, or alternatively to keep wild animals out of your home.

Keep doors open, yet secure 

Regardless of the material your door is manufactured from or the style and construction of the door itself, LockLatch can be installed on it. You may be asking why you would want to keep your door both locked and open simultaneously? The truth is there are a wide variety of instances where this is not only preferred, but also necessary. The most obvious situation is in homes that have insufficient ventilation such as smaller homes and apartments. The ability to leave the door open provides a way to create the all-important cross ventilation required for healthy, fresh air in the home. Open doors are also great for providing pet access. Another use is to stop your door getting damaged if it slams from heavy winds.

Fits any Door or Window

The LockLatch range is one of the most versatile security devices on the market. It can be fitted onto any style of door or window and any material. It doesn’t matter if your door is manufactured from aluminium or wood LockLatch can be installed on it. That means that everything from a sliding patio door to heavy double hung windows can be secured in just a few minutes using this ingenious device.

Pet Access Device 

While conventional doggie doors and cat flaps are thus far the most popular pet access solutions, the LockLatch range provides a versatile alternative to these traditional options. LockLatch allows the owners of smaller dogs to keep their pet’s favourite door slightly open meaning your pup can come and go as they please. If your dog is slightly larger, than PetLatch allows for a slightly larger opening. LockLatch can also be used on windows to provide free access to cats, while the smaller MiniLatch conversely can be used as a restrictor to allow fresh air in, but also keep your indoor cat from escaping.

How Does the LockLatch Work?

Locklatch consists of three C304 parts, which work together to keep your door or window secured. One part fits onto the door or window and another onto the frame. These two parts are connected by an adjustable stainless steel arm, which allows you to control the size of the opening according to your needs. One of the attachments features a locking mechanism, which can be unlocked if you ever want to close your window or door completely.

Highly Durable 

The entire LockLatch device is manufactured from tough C304 stainless steel. This material is not only extremely durable if someone attempts to tamper with it, but it is also highly resistant to corrosion and weathering, even in the most severe conditions. The simplicity of the device with only a few moving parts also adds to this durability and brings us to our next point.

Lifetime Guarantee 

Each and every LockLatch device that we sell comes with a lifetime guarantee. While a very determined burglar may be able to break the device with enough force, if the device fails for any other reason such as a manufacturing fault or from everyday wear and tear we are committed to replacing the device. This is how confident we are in its durability and ability to withstand the elements.


The delivery of the LockLatch is free if you purchase three devices or more, if your order is less than this then delivery will be $7 CAD. The devices are shipped from our distribution center in California. On average delivery takes between 5 and 10 days to reach our Canadian customers. 

Easy Installation 

All three Locklatch devices can be installed in minutes on any type of door or window. All you will need is a drill and a screwdriver or pop rivet gun depending on the type of material you are installing onto. Regardless of your DIY abilities LockLatch is simple to install, and will allow you to make your home more secure in just a few minutes. 

What’s Included?

Every order of the LockLatch device comes with the assembled device consisting of the u bolt attached to the arm, and the locking mechanism, as well as 2 sets of keys. You will also receive a set of one way security screws and pop rivets which are required for installation.

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