Benefits of the LockLatch 

In the LockLatch range you will find three device variations. All three devices essentially serve the same purpose to secure your windows and doors in an open position, but the different size variations also have specialised uses. The MiniLatch is smaller and more suited to use as a window restrictor; the LockLatch is the all-purpose “goldilocks” device; and the PetLatch is most intended for use on doors and specifically designed for providing pet access. Read on to better understand the benefits of each device.

Open windows and doors, but locked

This may beg the question, why would you want to secure your doors and windows in an open position? The truth is that there are a wide variety of instances where you may need this. You may want to provide better natural airflow in your home to help reduce mould, Carbon Dioxide and allergens in the air. You may want to provide easy access for your pet, so that they can access the yard without the need to open the door or window for them each time. You may also want to restrict your windows to prevent a child falling out, or to keep your indoor cat inside. These are just a few use cases where the LockLatch range shines, but there are many more.

C304 Stainless Steel

Because the LockLatch range is manufactured from C304 stainless steel it is particularly resistant to natural corrosion and the intentions of opportunistic burglars. This type of steel is able to withstand even the worst weather conditions such as rain and snow without the device failing. To prolong the life of your device, simply wiping it down with an oil lubricant such as WD40 prevents particles from oxidising on the device.


Perfect for Safe Ventilation, small Pets Access, as a Window Restrictor and Caravan, Motorhome and Boat Security.
LockLatch™ adjusts between 3.6” to 6.7” [9cms to 17cms]


The perfect Pet Door alternative for small to medium sized dogs.
PetLatch™ adjusts between 5.7” to 9” [14.5cms to 23cms]


Let fresh air in, keep opportunistic intruders out. Also good for keeping unwanted critters and animal pests out and indoor cats in.
MiniLatch™ adjusts between 1.8” and 3.1” [4.5 - 8 cms]

Adjustable width 

The versatility of the range largely comes from the fact that each device features an adjustable arm, which allows you to change the width of the opening. This means that LockLatch can be adapted to your unique needs and to changing conditions. For example, if the weather is particularly bad you can always make the opening smaller to allow fresh air in without also letting in the elements. Another good example is if you have a puppy, the size of the PetLatch opening can be adjusted as your puppy grows without the need for a new doggie door.

Securing your home

At the end of the day LockLatch is a security device and is intended to add an extra layer of security to your home. Home security is all about creating failsafes and adding layers of security so if a potential burglar attempts to exploit a weak spot in security they are faced with a new contingency or challenge. Because the LockLatch secures both windows and doors of any style, it is the perfect way to add these extra layers.

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Pet access Alternative 

One of the most popular applications of the LockLatch range is as an alternative to traditional dog doors and cat flaps. It has many advantages over these conventional solutions and across the range there are varied applications. PetLatch is ideal for locking your doors open to allow small to medium sized dogs to access your yard. LockLatch can be easily fitted onto windows and allow your cat to come and go through their favourite window without the need for retraining. Finally, MiniLatch functions as a window restrictor, which is great for keeping indoor cats inside, while still allowing for a gap to ensure your home gets adequate ventilation.

No wind damage

Wind can cause serious damage to your windows and doors. Whether it is a faulty window latch which fails, or simply a door that was left open, a strong gust can cause broken glass or hinges to break. Not only do you need to worry about damage to your property, but also the risk of injury caused by these sorts of accidents. LockLatch completely eliminates the risk of this occurring by locking your doors and windows in the open position and preventing slams.

Upper Floor Safety Restrictor 

If you are the parent of a young child, you will be aware of the risk that comes from having second floor windows. Even if you keep your windows closed at all times, as your child gets older they will learn how to open them and run the risk of seriously injuring themselves in a fall. LockLatch and MiniLatch are both ideal for preventing these types of injuries by restricting the window from being opened too wide, and the best part is, you will be able to still leave them slightly open to let fresh air in.

Secure caravans, RVs and boats 

If you like camping or own a boat, then you will understand how hard it is to supplement the locking mechanisms of these types of recreational vehicles. Not only are they often made from unusual materials such as fiberglass, but openings such as hatches and RV windows aren’t easily fitted with conventional locking mechanisms. LockLatch is able to be fitted onto any type of window or door including those found on boats and caravans, which not only provides added security, but also allows you to create better ventilation in these types of vehicles.

Home ventilation  

Speaking of better ventilation, this is perhaps the most important secondary benefit of the LockLatch range of devices. By locking your doors and windows in an open position, you encourage natural airflow in your space. Better ventilation comes with a host of benefits from reducing the amount of allergens in the air in the spring and summer months, to reducing the occurrence of mould and Carbon Dioxide buildup in winter. Fresh air is an essential ingredient in a healthy lifestyle and LockLatch is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to get this in your own home.

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Locklatch variations

We always speak about the versatility of the LockLatch range and much of this comes from the fact that there are three sizes of product. We have mentioned these already on this page, but the LockLatch, PetLatch and MiniLatch each have specialised uses relating to their size.


The LockLatch’s adjustable C304 stainless steel arm can create an opening between 9 and 17 centimeters. This is our goldilocks product, which has a wide range of general uses from improving home security to providing better ventilation.


PetLatch is a more specialised product and allows for a larger opening of between 14.5 and 23 centimeters. PetLatch was originally created for the owners of small to medium sized dogs and allows pet owners to tailor the size of the opening for their dog to provide easy access to the outside world without inconveniencing pet owners.


MiniLatch is the smallest device in the range and is mostly intended for use on windows. With an opening of between 4.5 and 8 centimeters it is more suited to be used as a window restrictor for keeping indoor pets and children from climbing through a window, or for keeping pests and criminals out.

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