DIY Home Security

April 19, 2022

If you find a vulnerability, the temptation may be to bring in a security expert or install an expensive feature, but robust home security is more about creating layers of protection, so before you call in the experts, why not try adding more layers with these DIY home security solutions.

The Importance of Home Ventilation

September 10, 2021

Ventilation is one of the most important factors for a clean, mould free and healthy home. This article looks at the advantages of good ventilation and how you can improve it in your own home.

Alternative Home Security Gadgets

July 29, 2021

A residential break in occurs every 90 seconds in Canada, and while this statistic may be astounding, it is also interesting to note that the vast majority of these burglaries are performed by amateurs or opportunists and not career criminals. Often making a few small security upgrades to make your home a more difficult target can be the difference between preventing a break in and becoming a victim. In this article we explore some alternative home security gadgets looking at the pros and cons to help you find the one that is right for your home.

Pet Door Alternative

July 7, 2021

A pet door is a great way to control your favourite furry companion’s access to the outside world. It allows them to go outside when they need or want to, but also allows you to keep them in when you have to. However, they are not always the right solution.
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